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In terms of innovation, Yue Xin has strong independent research and development capabilities. In order to meet the testing requirements of different fields, Yue Xin will launch every year a waterproof test instrument that not only meets the measurement standards, but also provides convenient testing. Since the launch of the first IPX1-4 integrated rain test chamber in 2015, the company has continuously increased its investment in R&D and innovation, and invested 10-15% of its sales revenue in new product research and development every year. Based on this, Yuexin Company has successively developed IPX1-4 integrated test box (4 types), IPX1-6 integrated waterproof test box (6 types), IPX3-6 integrated rain test box (6 types), IPX69K integrated spray The IPX5-7 comprehensive waterproof tester (2 models) and other comprehensive waterproof testers that meet the GB standard, and at the same time, 10 models of water pressure leak testers have been developed through the IPX8 waterproof test device.
At present, the company has 3 appearance patents, 4 invention patents, and 16 utility model patents. Yue Xin officially passed the high-tech enterprise certification in October 2018. It is a small technology giant enterprise in Guangzhou, and it has become a positive new force among environmental testing enterprises.

Customization & Service

Yuexin company has a complete customized design team. In the past 5 years, Yuexin has designed and customized more than 60 sets of different waterproof test solutions for customers every year, including outdoor cabinet rain test room, mobile phone dynamic waterproof tester, high-voltage electrical appliances Wet test rain shower device, ocean depth water pressure simulation test device, charging pile rain test room, outdoor robot rain test and other test programs in various fields. In these customized solutions, we completely adopt a self-designed software operating system, which is integrated and installed on an independent control machine, not only for the convenience of users, but also for Yue Xin to provide customers with more complete after-sales maintenance.
The custom design team consists of 5 people to ensure that each non-standard project can finally be effectively implemented. In the early stage, the technical team arranges at least two people to communicate with each other and organize project communication seminars internally to discuss more scientific and reasonable methods. The installation of non-standard projects is provided by professional engineers on-site service, and guide customers to use and maintain.

Guangzhou Yuexin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of IP waterproof test equipment. It provides professional waterproof test solutions for corporate customers in various industries at home and abroad.
Among the environmental testing equipment, waterproof testing equipment is only one of the sub-fields, but Yue Xin has always insisted on being rooted in this field, and it will take 5 or 10 years to build better and more durable waterproof testing equipment. . Yue Xin adheres to the basic principle of "quality first" and insists on providing customers with more reliable waterproof test equipment. We still believe in the words "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the deep alleys", and we believe that good products will definitely provide more value to the enterprise, and Yuexin will be able to win the trust of more customers. Yuexin’s main products are: IPX1/2 drip test box, IPX3/4 rain test box, IPX5/6 flush test box, IPX7/8 water immersion test device, IPX9 high temperature spray test box and comprehensive waterproof test equipment Wait.

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