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After-sales Service

Product maintenance service commitment

Guangzhou Yuexin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Guangzhou Yuexin ") hereby solemnly promises that every end customer who purchases our self-produced equipment can enjoy product life-long maintenance services. Guangzhou Yuexin combines internal OA office The process and CRM customer management system ensure that every step in the product maintenance service can be effectively supervised, ensuring rigorous, standardized and meticulous high-quality after-sales service. Product maintenance service commitments include the following:

 1. Product maintenance period:

1) Guangzhou Yuexin provides one-year free warranty service for self-produced equipment , calculated from the date of arrival of the customer. If the signed "Sale Contract" stipulates otherwise, the period stipulated in the contract shall prevail;

The second to fifth after the product is sold five years, Guangzhou Yue letter extended warranty service provided production equipment, such as customer need to continue the warranty, and the company may purchase extended warranty service contract signed.

2. Warranty service content:

1) During the warranty period, Guangzhou Yuexin will repair parts damaged due to product quality for free. (A customer purchases during the month, the company offers free replacement products, to ensure customers being often used )

2) After the end of the warranty period, our company will continue to provide after-sales service to customers, and be responsible for regular maintenance and repair of the equipment brought, and lifetime service for unlimited years.

3) For purchases that do not purchase extended warranty services , the cost of parts and travel expenses will be charged according to the customer's province and other factors, and the maintenance fee will be waived.

3. Commitment time limit:

1) 24 hours customer service online: 3 minutes response, solutions will be issued within 2 hours

2) According to the real situation of the customer, rush to the scene within 24 hours in the province, and solve the problem within 24 hours. Other areas rush to the scene within 72 hours, and solve the problem within 24 hours. (If the problem cannot be solved within the time limit, the company will provide a temporary replacement product for free to ensure the normal use of the customer until the equipment problem is solved.)

 4. If it falls into one of the following situations, it is not within the scope of Guangzhou Yuexin's free warranty service:

1) Beyond the warranty period specified above;

 2) Consumable parts, such as batteries or protective films that are worn out over time, unless it is a failure due to material or process defects;

 3) Appearance and surface damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and port breakage, or malfunctions or defects caused by normal wear or normal aging of Guangzhou products;

 4) Failures or defects caused by the use of third-party products, software or components (whether authorized or not);

 5) Damage caused by abnormal reasons such as extrusion, corrosion, high temperature, falling, foreign objects, poor electrical environment, or force majeure such as earthquakes and fires;

 6) The product is not used in accordance with any accompanying instructions and operation manuals, or the product does not use functions or environments as required;

 7) Any failure or defect due to improper installation or testing, misuse, negligence, unauthorized maintenance, modification, accident or other external reasons;

 8) Guangzhou Yuexin confirms any other violations of the operation manual after confirmation.

 6. After-sales process:

When the product is abnormal, it is recommended that you first contact the docking after-sales center by phone or other means to understand the product information and failure performance, and make a preliminary judgment. The after-sales center makes a plan according to the situation or assigns engineering professionals to come to repair

 7. Other instructions:

1) Guangzhou Yuexin only provides product maintenance services promised in this document, and is not responsible for any agents or other authorized partners that exceed this promise.

 2) The terms not listed in this description shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national laws.

 3) Guangzhou Yuexin has the right to change and modify this description, and reserves the right of final interpretation of this description.

4) This description will be implemented on the date of publication.